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Mentally and Physically Kick Start January – Or Today if you Fancy It!

Hey everyone! This is my first blog, so please bear with me I haven't written much since university! 😆

So I’ve signed up to Red January. I’ve seriously been slacking with any movement recently and I need a good kick up the butt. Not because I want to get super fit or serious abs (never has or will happen), but because I know I just feel so much better for it! I always try and tell myself "YOU WILL NEVER REGRET THE WORKOUT".

Red January was founded by Hannah Beecham who saw her mother experience huge benefits from being active after suffering with depression. They work in association with Mind charity and are campaigning for people to get active to help not only their physical, but mental health too! So let's get active and release those positive endorphins :D 

Red January is FREE to sign up to and you will get a little starter pack to start off, including some red laces and they have a great Facebook support group. It’s all about getting active every day, it doesn’t mean I’ll be lacing up my trainers for a run or smashing it at the gym every time, it can be something as small as taking the stairs that day instead of the lift, walking for 10 minutes, a quick stretch or yoga session. I don’t know about you, but I get a freakishly good satisfaction out of ticking something off a list, so I’ve printed off their calendar to tick off every day too.

It sounds silly, but I’m also telling everyone because it will definitely make me do it more! I secretly spied on the Advent Running idea and all the people doing it but until yesterday, I hadn’t ran since 1st December. So that didn’t go great.

Although the idea of this is to start 2019 in the best possible way, it’s already made me get up and do more before the New Year. Sign up using the link below and spread the word!

Sign Up to Red January

You can start a fundraising page after signing up or donate to Mind charity yourself today 

If you would like some extra support or information, then take a look at the services below who can help:

Every Mind Matters - Information on supporting your mental health

U OK M8? - Information on supporting your own and loved one’s mental health

Mind - Information on supporting your mental health

Elefriends - Online community with someone to speak to until 12am

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